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Laying self stick vinyl tile

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Going to put self stick vinyl tiles over the old linoleum in guest bath. The linoleum is sound. It was installed back in 92 when the house was built. Do I need to take the gloss off of it first? Anybody in the know?
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First step: Take all the peel and stick tile back to where you got it. It's just a gimmick and it won't hold up. Step two: Two choices. Peel up the backer that the old linoleum is attached to and reinstall new back and apply new linoleum or real vinyl tile with flooring adhesive. Other choice would be to simply install new backer(1/4 plywood without voids) and then install linoleum or real vinyl tile with flooring adhesive. Don't know how big the guest bath is, your budget, or your skill level, but the self adhesive tiles are worthless. Ask anyone else who has had them down for more than a couple of years. Applying them over linoleum is a very, very bad idea.
When the peel-and-stick get wet, they will come loose. They also will shrink. Most of them aren't made square, so they don't look good. In other words, they are junk.
Great thread...was wondering the same thing myself :thumbup: Im sticking to what I have for now.
So basically your staying scrap the idea and throw down some ceramic with thinset and grout.
Depends on your budget. Vinyl tile is much more economical than ceramic tile. Just don't use the vinyl tile that is peel and stick, get the kind that you buy the adhesive and trowel it out to adhere it with. Ceramic or porcelain tile will last longer and look nicer but you'll have a little more floor prep to do and the cost of material will be more.
I did some peel and stick once. I ended up with a re-do. It was peel, stick, and then later - un-stick... :no:
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