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laying floor over existing

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i have a floor with vinyl tile. i was wondering if there would be any problem putting a layer of felt over the current floor then adding 1/4 underlayment and vinyl tile on top.

the floor i pulled up did not have any underneath but there were slight crackling sounds on certain parts. could have been from the underlayment on the vinyl tile. i am trying to eliminate this if possible.
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Is this layed over 1/4 underlaymant?
Two reason I can thing of for a noise is they skiped the parts where the underlayment needed to be attached every 4" on the outside edges and from 6 to 8" in the field, and Louan is not to be used.
the vinyl tile is layed on top of 1/2 inch particle board. i am guessing that the noise if from some slight unevenness in the floor when walking on it. it is in the middle only in certain spots.
You don't need the felt.
#1 Linolium never should have been laid directly over partical board.
#2 Without a doubt Partical board is the worst subflooring ever made.
Gets wet once and it turns to oatmeal.
Will not hold nails or screws,
Just rising moisture from under the floor will cause it to swell up.
Want to fix this right, or just get by?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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