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Lay New Plywood over OSB

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I have a balcony off the master bedroom that is essentially a flat roof over a portion of the garage. Over the years there have been leaks and I have had to patch the OSB. It has gotten worse and I need to find a solution. Question, can I lay pressure treated plywood over the old OSB instead of removing all of it. EPDM rubber roofing will go over the area when finished. Raising the height will not be an issue. Picture attached. Thanks


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I would strip it down to the joists first and make sure everything there is ok. You can then install plywood and EPDM.
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Thanks, I was afraid that would be the answer. The joists look good from what I've seen but I can't be sure.
There is no reason to use pressure treated plywood under the EPDM.
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i cant think of any reason you cant go over it. and agree, you don't need pressure treated. they do it all the time on those tv home improvement shows inside for floors.
That roof was already built to close to the threshold, basic building 101 mistake.
A sure way to have water getting in under it.
It would be interesting to remove that door and see if it even was flashed correctly.
Most often when I find one set like that there's rot under the door in at least the subfloor.
+1, that doors gonna have to come off along with alot of siding to flash the epdm . doors to low, sidings to close to the roof.
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