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Lawnmower cutting uneven

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Don't know if anyone has any experience with riding lawnmowers, but for about the last 4 months, my riding lawnmower has been cutting uneven.

I hit a large rock a while back and was missing a small strip in the middle of the deck, so I pulled the blades and noticed that one of them was broken on the end so I replaced them. Upon replacing them, the cut was much better, but there was still a small strip in the center that was uneven with the rest of the cut.

So I have been told that its possible that I have a bent shaft inside the spindle assy. Sound about right? How hard is it to replace those? Would it be easier to just replace the whole spindle assemblies?

I have a 2008 Husqvarna 46" mower with a 20 HP Kohler courage engine.

Your thoughts?
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I had a similar problem last year on my MTD-made tractor. Turns out there are 4 pins that attach the deck brackets to the mower. One of those pins had come out, causing the deck to hang uneven. However, you could not tell this with the deck all the way up, only when you put it down could you notice once side was dropping. After reattaching that pin and adjusting the leveling screws, all was well.

If you do have a bent shaft on yours, measuring the blade height to the floor, as DexterII described, will make it very apparent.
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