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Called my local mower/tractor shop on Sat to find a puller for the rear wheel on my 2006 Yard Machines (MTD) Lawn Tractor Mod. 13AC762F729. Guy told me that there was no such tool, but told me how to make one. I don't have a machine shop handy or the inclination to make one with my limited skills. But I found a free loaner tool at O'Reilly Auto Parts that worked perfectly. The only trick is that the bolts suppled don't come with nuts, and I couldn't find any that fit at Home Depot. So for a buck-fifty, I bought two 5/16x4 bolts and nuts plus four washers. The puller crossbar fit the hub exactly and the wheel came off in about three turns. The guy at the mower shop cautioned me about trying to remove the wheel without a puller, saying I could yank out the rear axle and end up paying for a very expensive repair. Tool pic attached.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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