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Lawn of non-grass

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I manage rental properties.
I have on unit that's backyard is almost entireley creeping charlie.
Creeping charlie is considered an invasive weed, but I love it. This time of year it has small blue flowers, and last summer I only had to mow it twice.

I'm curious if there is something similar that I can plant, that my neighbors won't totally hate me for.
I'm interested in something mostly green, resembles grass from far away, and doesn't grow very tall: (as in I can mow my lawn 5 times fewer times than my neighbor)
If I could effectiveley keep it in my yard, I'd plant it all over.
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I would get a book or two from the library or nursery and explore ground cover options that will grow in your area. You should be able to achieve some nice results mixing colors and textures that will not be at all offensive to neighbors. In Northern California dichondra was a prized lawn but difficult to establish. You seldom had to mow it though. Good luck.

Some possible groundcovers depending on where you are? "Snow on the Mountain," miniature strawberry, needlepoint ivy, star jasmine (careful the fragrance though), bayberry, vinca, etc. Well thought ground covers look nice and are much lower maintenance than lawns. Combine some berms and artistic grading and boulders or something and you are good to go. It sounds like you have no particular need for a lawn per se so make life easy?

Interesting your approach to creeping charlie. It can be kind of attractive if that is all there is a guess. It's like kudzo though. Never turn your back on it for more than a minute.
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