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I have a Sears Craftsman B&S lawn mower. 6.5 HP and model # 917.388740.

Recently the air filter was clogged and I had a huge loss of power. In the process I took apart the primer, carb. And air filter housing area to clean it all up and change the oil. After putting it back together a problem I’ve noticed that it does not want to start.

The mower will only start when I tilt it all the way down on its left side for a few seconds (as if the blade is at a 90 degree angle) then yank the cord – this is the only way it starts. Once it starts it runs fine.

I still have to change the spark plug and put in a new filter (there is not filter in it right now), but one thing I’ve noticed is when I hit the primer all it does is pump air but no gas. I’m suspecting this is the problem but I’m not sure how this happened.

Any ideas? I’ve checked my work a few times now but I’m not able to find what went wrong when assembling everything back together.

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