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Hey all,
The door from our garage leads straight into our kitchen with a wall on the right and our kitchen in an "L" shape on the left. The laundry closet when we moved in was pretty much right in front of the door, making it nearly impossible to bring groceries or any other larger items through that door (laundry closet wall in front, kitchen cabinets directly to the left). We have now torn out the closet and are looking for some advice:

When we put the new closet in we have two choices - a smaller closet or a larger closet. The smaller closet would mean more walking space when coming in the door but it would be set up for a stackable laundry unit only. A larger closet would mean less walking space, but would allow for side by side laundry units. Either way we'll have more walking space than we had previously.

If this was going to be my forever home I would have no problem making the decision - smaller closet (since we already have stackables). But, we will probably plan on selling in 3-8 years. Do you think having a laundry closet that requires stackables will hurt our resale value significantly? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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