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Laticrete 1776 grout enhancer

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Never used this product or any like it. Water has always done the trick in the past. Just wondering what everyone else's experiences have been. I'm tiling our lightly used guest bathroom. I'm using the sanded grout from the same manufacturer for 1/4" joints. Is it worth it in my application? Just trying to save a little scratch, but don't want it to come back to haunt me. That wouldn't be worth it.
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Not worth it for a small project. Any marginal improvement would be quickly outweighed by costs factors. Overkill; get off the 'consumption' bandwagon and save your $.
I don't think the liberal created term 'consumptionism' is really applicable here. If I'm willing to pay for something to improve my dwelling the social agenda of others really has no bearing. Thanks for your opinion, though.
If you don't mine spending a little on quality. Try the Laticrete Spectra Lock grout. In the tubs and quart milk carton display at Lowe's - great stuff and it goes further than you would think.

We used it on a travertine bath floor (7 by 4.5) it took a little under three tubs. Goes down easily but follow the clean up instructions. It's "stainproof" - been down about 8 months and the daughter hasn't ruined it yet....
Thanks for the heads up RH. I'll be sure to give it a look.
That's really sad thinking, Eck, and part of the reason you folks are in the troubles you's not my or anyone elses "social" agenda - it's just common sense.

But some people aren't common.

Examine the footprint you create: you overspend your money on a product you...uh, what? read about in a magazine that (supposedly) gives you (unquantifiable and marginal) improvement in a trivial area of your life; then, you won't research the value of this item yourself, so you ask others to do that for you, your own mind being already made up; then you drive out to your local supplier between trips to MacDonalds and Walmart; buy the product because the salesperson says it's" great" and validation is what you actually seek; you use it, unsure of the actual value of the "improvement" you think you're getting; and feel real good - because you 'know' you can afford it (because, see? you have change in your wallet!). When you're finished, you're left with excess that goes bad within a year (because it's a latex) and, eventually, you throw it out in Tuesdays garbage collection to clear the storage space that you have had to forsake to store some other "I can afford it" item.


And the beat goes on...try getting off the treadmill.

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Laticretes enhancer is a great product and worth using with their grouts.
Thanks R&D for your opinion. The reason I asked the original question was to get first hand experience like yours.
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