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Going to redo our converted 2 room school house, we now live in.
2 main rooms are roughly 20X40 each, separated by main loadbearing wall.
Gone will be the suspended 12 inch ceiling tiles, and those nerve racking 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures!

Kicking around using car siding for the new ceiling, and running boxed up beams to help break up the 'acreage'.
I'm thinking 8-10 foot separation on the beams... so probably 4 beams cutting the room up.
Car siding would run the length of the room, and the beams perpendicular (in my minds eye anyway)

I'm thinking a minimum of 8" stock, just because of the size of the room.

Now, here is my question! :vs_bulb: how would diagonally placed car siding.. say 45 degrees from square appear with the beams still perpendicular in the room? another 'angle' could be the front 20 foot could lay one direction, and the back half would lay 90 degrees rotated.. with the center beam covering the 'seam'. (I'd need an odd number of beams then)
Thanks for any thoughts!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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