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On our new asphalt driveway I noticed that we have asphalt bits that are large and small. On the larger ones I'm noticing craters between the bits where water can get in and freeze during during winter.
Driveway is a couple of weeks old.
Is this ok or do I need to put something in craters?

Please see attached picture.
Thanks. Asphalt Road surface Tar Soil Concrete

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Looks like they used low grade asphalt (base coat) and not top A finish coat.
Ayuh,.... Asphalt comes in 3 basic varieties, 'round here they're called,....

Type 3 Binder, which the stones range from the size of yer thumb, to dust,...

Type 6 top, which appears to be that in the picture, it's stones run from the size of yer thumb nail to dust,...
It's used as a single lift driveway mix, usually 2, 1/2" to 3" thick,...

Type 7 top, which the stones are smaller than yer little finger nail to dust,... It's used only on top of a binder layer, as the strength of the mix is from the size of the stones,...
Tiny stones, No strength,...
I won't pave a single lift driveway with it, no way in 'ell,...

A High Rent driveway gets 3" of type 3 binder, 'n an inch of type 7 after,...

For Us common folk, a single lift of type 6 is all ya get,...
In 10 or 20 years, maybe ya might wanta top out the type 6, with an inch of type 7 for a new wear surface,...

You need to do nothin' to yer driveway,...
It'll wear in with time,...
Wait atleast til Fall or next year to seal it, if ya wanta seal it,....
Do a search here, I've posted 'bout sealin' blacktop driveways with portland cement, insteada sealer in a bucket,....
If ya do the portland cement sealin', you could probably go for 20 to 40 years, before ya need another inch of blacktop for a new wear surface,....

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First I would complain LOUD.

Then when that don't work. I would go to a big box store and buy a couple cans (5 gallon each) of asphalt resurface patch, and pour it on and roll it out with a short nap roller.

Clean off all dirt leaves, and other detritus first, and do it all at once with the resurfacing. Follow the directions on the bucket for how long to let it cure.


P.S. Bondo knows better than me, maybe wait a while before you use the resurfacing stuff.

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idk, but tht looks about like my driveway. which has been mostly fine since 09.

i have coated/sealed mine, 2 times now. the store buckets don't fill much of anything, its very much like paint. and like paint, if you put enough coats on, then it will fill in somewhat.

if/when you do coat it, clean it very well and let it dry at least a day if in direct hot sun.
i used a squeegee from menards, its a good one = works well and clean and reuse. the home depot one was a pos.
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