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Landscape lighting (Malibu)

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I want to buy a 300W Mabinu transformer and hook up maybe 5-6 50W spot lights.

You know the heavy transformer with a dial (timer) on it and it cost almost $100.

It says you have to put the transformer outdoors. Is there any reason I cannot put the transformer indoors?

Also the landscape voltage wire is DC low voltage, can you go run the wire into a crawlspace vent , thru the crawlspace, and out to another spot?? I have mostly concrete slab around the house and no dirt to bury the wires.
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You can do anything you want, for sure, but should you install the transformer in the house? Absolutely not. Look more closely at the transformer and you'll likely see that it is only approved for exterior use/installation. It has to do with the type of wires and components used, but there are good reasons why it should not be installed inside.
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