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Landscape lighting (Malibu)

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I want to buy a 300W Mabinu transformer and hook up maybe 5-6 50W spot lights.

You know the heavy transformer with a dial (timer) on it and it cost almost $100.

It says you have to put the transformer outdoors. Is there any reason I cannot put the transformer indoors?

Also the landscape voltage wire is DC low voltage, can you go run the wire into a crawlspace vent , thru the crawlspace, and out to another spot?? I have mostly concrete slab around the house and no dirt to bury the wires.
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So I have to plug in the box on the backyard outlet and let the cord and box sit in the sun.

how long would that last...

I think I would try to put it behind a bush if the cord it comes with is long enough.
I just want the 50W MR16 out there so I can light up my grill area. I choose the landscape lighting fixtures because they are weather proof already.

.. maybe I can get a 12V DC power supply from Ebay that supports up to 300W and probably not cost $100. I would want it indoors so I just flip it on before I go outside.

The MR16 works on DC or AC. Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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