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Laminate Wood OR ???

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We have been researching and have come up with different answers each time! We have a home built in 1970. Hardwood floors throughout except bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen has linoleum right now and is shot. We are remodeling our kitchen and wood floors would look great HOWEVER we have a lot of traffic and daily spills (as we have many children). We are looking for something we can lay ourselves over the linoleum. We want something that looks nice but most important can handle the spills, banging, and many feet. WE thought laminate wood might be a good option but were discouraged with other reviews. Any suggestions would be so very helpful!
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Cork floors are great in kitchens. They have some natural cushioning and sound reduction qualities and they breath. Look for quality materials, not box store stuff though. Nicer cork comes in a variety of colors and patterns and as tiles or engineered floating type panels.

Engineered bamboo---especially laminated strand bamboo---is also very beautiful and comes in just about any color from near white to ebony. Again, buy good flooring not box store stuff.

Good companies put exceptional finishes on both bamboo and cork flooring and warrant it for an extended period of time.

I have used products from this company quite a bit, and clients and installers seem pleased with it, but am not endorsing it as the only or even the best source. It will give you a starting point as to what to look for though. Your local QUALITY FLOORING store might be worth a visit too.
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