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hey guys,
long time "lurker" first time member !

We are doing some renovating in our kitchen, which includes laying new wood lamanite flooring (caribian cherry) Armstrong swiftlock. It seems worth mentioning that this is a 100 year old home,
I'm lost as to what to do at my back door thresh hold (I think it's called)
there is roghly a 3/4 height diff. between my flooring and the existing thresh hold and it seems that anything they hav at the store will work for my application i'm going to attemp to upload some pics as this is hard to explain....
I just need help with what to do at this point.....

thank you in advance


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Floor moulding would fix this if your door will clear it, but you can also look into a new threshold - the sill under the door - those transitions are tough at an entry door. The laminate looks awesome BTW.

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