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laminate over DRIcore on basement floor - leveling concerns

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Hi -
I recently put down DRIcore on my concrete basement floor. The floor (1921 house) is not level. Leveling the entire floor before doing the Dricore was not a practical option for me because I was not able to remove everything from the basement at the time (I moved large items and worked in sections). I used a lot of Dricore shims (and exceeded the manufacturer's recommended limit of 4).

My level shows a slope in part of the Dricore (particularly after I used some Tapcon anchors for some of the pieces where there was some bounce). I want to lay some inexpensive laminate (Trafficmaster glueless laminate flooring at Home Depot ) on top but am concerned about how that will work with the slight slope in part of the floor. I am not sure what to do... would it make sense to go ahead and lay the laminate, or remove some of the Dricore and correct the slope some other way first?

Thank you for any input.

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