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laminate headache

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how do i avoid glue build up on my trim bit when doing tops. This sometimes will take the finish off the piece i have already done
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I Keep the bearings clean by storing my bit in a small jar of laquer thinner. Then use a few drops of oil on the bearings before use.
The bearings are sealed and there's grease in them not oil, soaking them in laquer thiner is going thin out the grease.
Try rubbing the bit over some bar soap before using it.
Is it happening after every cut? You could clean the blades beforehand but every cut would get old. Another possibility is to use a variable speed router and find the right speed that works. Sometimes slower is better.
Waiting for the cement to dry (not sticky to finger) before you put the pieces together is best way, but I do check the bearing and wipe with acetone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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