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Laminate flooring, strange shaped room, where to place gaps

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Hello All,

First time poster. I have come because i need some help with putting the laminate flooring down in my hallway. I have had a crack at it, but I'm concerned as the room is a bit of a strange shape and I'm not sure where I need to leave expansion gaps.

I have uploaded a floor plan as well as 5 pictures to this post, so you can get a good idea of what I have done so far.

So I need to understand where I would leave the expansion gaps for this type of room, and how I would hide them. I'm also trying to understand how to handle the curved section where the stairs meets the laminate, would i be best to use some silicon to connect the two up?

Final element I'm struggling with is getting the laminate to go under doors, most of the youtube videos have shown putting it under a single door, but for the hallway there are 4 doors in total and "sliding" it into position would only work for 1 door. I have 4 doors in this hallway ...

Any and all comments on the best way to do this is very much appreciated.


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The hallway doesn't look long enough to need expansion gaps, though I can't see any dimensions. The manufacturer will tell you when you need them. It will be listed in the instructions. They are usually required in very large runs.
For the doors, I use an undercut saw and cut out the frame so the floor tucks under it. For the stairs, I would lay out the full tiles and cut out a cardboard template for the curved area. When it's the correct size, trace the cut on the flooring.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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