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Laminate Flooring Questions

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I'm installing our laminate floor for the very first time and would like some help...

I've a bunch of questions (with pictures!), so please bear with me...

The first question is, we're going to laying the laminate over the existing linoleum, simply due to the difficulty it pulling up the old stuff. We've got the underlay, but is there anything else we need to know before going forward?

Second question (first picture!):

I assume we could just undercut the door frame here to install the floor? The piece to the left is quarter-round and will be removed..

Third question:

As you can see, the transition here is pretty ugly.. I assume we'd just pull up the gold piece and replace with the new transition piece, placing the carpet UNDER the one side of the piece?

Fourth question:

Any ideas on how to take these angles? We're going on a 45 degree angle from the gold trim (following the seams in the linoleum) towards the bottom right corner of the picture.

Fifth question:

As you can see, this section of floor is pretty beat up. It leads to the sliding door.. The linoleum is curled up and pretty damaged. I think we can probably screw it down to the wood that's there (or glue it) and just apply the laminate over top. The quarter round or a transition piece would be applied to the aluminum frame..

Thanks for the help in advance!!

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Wood or concrete floor? The only reason I ask is, floors usually rot out at sliding doors. If it is a wood floor, you need to check for rot and repair first.
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