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Laminate Flooring Project Questions

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I'm about to install laminate flooring in our kitchen, living room, & hallway. The kitchen currently has vinyl and the living room & hallway are carpeted. I have several questions as I prep for the project and try to figure out how much time I will need to put down around 600 sq ft of laminate next weekend.

1) Is it possible to leave the baseboards on? The kitchen has quarter-round but the LR does not.

2) In the kitchen, we have a couple of dips where we can see/feel the vinyl move when we step on it. What's the best way to determine if it is level enough to lay on top of it? If it is not, will I need to pull up all the vinyl? How big of a job is that?

3) What's the best kind of saw to use to cut the laminate? I have read several different suggestions.

Thanks for all help. Any additional tips for a first-timer would be welcomed.
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Thanks for the help. Some follow-up questions:

1) By clearance, do you mean that the laminate needs to fit under the base board or does it need to be 1/4" from the base of the board? Is part of the 1/4" under the board?

2) The dips are not real noticeable but if you push your foot on just the right spot, you can see the vinyl move up & down. So you think new plywood is the best option? Why would a sister joist or other form of sub-support not be as good?

Thanks for the saw tips. I think I'm good there.
So we need to pull up the vinyl? I was planning to install the floating floor on top of it unless there was a need to re-do something structural.

Also, forgot to mention that the house is 30 years old. Not sure if that would change anyone's advice.

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