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Laminate flooring over linoleum and particle board

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Hello All-

I am installing laminate flooring in my kitchen. Part of the area has existing linoleum, and most of it is bare particle board. Some of the particle board has become indented from the old cabinets, and some is soft from a dishwasher leak. The floor itself is extremely sturdy - it's over 2" tongue and groove planks.

What is the best way to even out the transition between the linoleum and wood? I'd rather not rip up the lino because it's probably full of asbestos.

I've attached some pictures of the transition area.



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The floor tried to eat me!

No, my arm was not stuck - I was tightening the new cap I put on the old gas line that was sticking up out of the floor, and now is not.

You guys are not giving me good news. I was really trying to avoid pulling up the floor, but I fear that you are right. I want to do the job correctly, even if it's not the easiest way...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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