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Laminate Flooring - few questions

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I am going to install laminate flooring in my new house and have a few questions regarding installation.

My questions are:

  1. Can I install over existing tile?
    1. Do I still need to install a moisture barrier, or will the tile serve as the moisture barrier?
  2. Top of tile is 1/8" higher than the concrete sub-floor. Can I install 1/8" plywood over the concrete sub-floor, thereby making it level with the tile, and than install the laminate over that?
    1. Will this plywood subfloor act as a moisture barrier, or do I still need to install a moisture barrier?
Please keep in mind I live in AZ wher we average VERY little rain per year.
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On the locals should have got with you by now

I am from AZ also, Flagstaff.

If you are going to install over tile it is suggested you back fill the grout joints.

Always use a moisture barrier over and concrete slab. tile or no tile.

Do not attempt to install any wood over the slab just deal with the high are with a modified transition.

While AZ is very dry you can have an reverse effect with moisture this is a type of hydrostatic pressure. The slabs are not as moisture free as you think.
What happens is the heat of the ground surface process chases the moisture to the shade, this shade will happen to be a slab, this slab will have a gravity induced inviroment that will draw moisture from the surrounding area, hence all the moisture in the yard is up under your slab.
You see this effect when you move a rock and find the ground damp under it. Now think about your slab and the wieght of it pushing down, it will draw moisture like a sponge.
If you were to install wood on top of the slab you woul actually draw moisture through the slab and up into your wood.
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Not to hi jack your thread but reading this got me thinking about the last posters reply. He stated that you should always use a moisture barrier over tile. What would happen if the tile was installed using ditra? Wouldn't that be a double moisture barrier and trap any moisture in between so the tiles would be in moisture? Just curious on this theory and something for the original poster to look into.
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