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Laminate cutter?

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Has anyone used this tool before? I am really eager to start planning laminate-flooring my kitchen floor, but am nervous about the cutting. If this tool works as well as the video shows, then I dont have to deal with the electric saw and stuff.

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Looks like it would be a great idea if it actually lasted. I just laid some laminate and it is such a blade destroyer!
so, what's the best laminate cutter that I need to get? Do I need to get one of those wood cutters that mount on a table or something?
We have one of these at the store. We've used it for years and it still works like a champ. Our doesn't extend as far as that one. It's got a fixed fence so you can only cut boards up to about 9". Even this one cost over $300. It does save a lot of time and saves you a bundle on saw blades.
If you have a Rotozip tool there are bits designed for cutting laminate. I guess the only draw back would be how straight you need your cut unless you have something to mount the tool to. The bits themselves are pretty cheap, XB-LF1 for a 1-pack and XB-LF5 for a 5-pack. If you need more info let me know.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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