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Ladder on slope (or alternative)

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Hey folks,

I have a bit of a conundrum. I am a new home owner and want to make sure my gutters are clear. I live on a corner lot in a 1.5 story. The side of the house running parallel to the street has gutters as does the side opposite. The side running near and parallel is about 10 feet from the public sidewalk and 12.5 feet high from yard to eve. The 10 foot run is sloped grass away from the home that drops about 1'9" over the course. The slope is steeper closer to the walk and none is flat.

Based on everything I am seeing there is no way I can place an extension 10 ft out on the sidewalk at a safe angle to the 14.5ft roof.

Is there 1) An alternative safe method for placing a ladder? I do not want to dig up the lawn each time i need to clean.
2) A better way to clear the gutters (that you have personally used) that avoids the ladder. The only issue with this is if I ever need to do something (i.e. Repair a gutter) I run into the same problem even if I satisfy this need now.

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7.5/12 (94" rise/150" run )
Pound a couple of stakes into the ground and secure a board between them so the ladder can't slip away on you.
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Why would you want the ladder 10' out for a 14.5' rise?That is way to much of an angle or I am reading your post wrong?
It is not that I want to, I know that is a bad angle. The sidewalk is flat but is 10 feet away from the house. Where the base of the house meets the yard to the sidewalk is 10 feet. The rise for that 10 feet of lawn is the 1ft 9inches I referenced.
Post a pic and we can better direct you. Hard to visualize without a pic.

With an angle like that you definitely don't want to put the feet of the ladder on the sidewalk. You can use jhaslip's idea of pounding stakes in the ground to keep the ladder from moving. Problem is, your ladder angle may cause the sides of the ladder to dent your spouting.

How high up are we talking? One or Two story? There are blower attachments you can put on your blower that will get most of the junk out of your gutter if it's dry in there.


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Would you rather do a little easily reparable damage to your turf with some blocks and stakes or injure yourself.A ladder at that angle while unsafe is also not easy to work off of.Just take a spade where the legs will need to be and level the slope in the yard.
A lot more extreme than your situation but I'll post it anyhow.
Put a metal roof on a guys house last year and he knew the chimney needed tuckpointed. Asked me for a price and I gave him a cheap price of $400.I was already on the job and had a Skytrack with basket on site so no big deal.This is a man that is pretty well off and could have easily afforded it.
That Sunday he climbed on the .Thirty feet to the chimney on the ridge and attempted to do it himself.Fell off breaking his neck ,back ,ankles ,ribs and who knows what else.He did live but was in the hospital for months and could not run his business and spent 6 months in a nursing home for rehab.He is 38 years old.
Be safe not sorry .What's a little turf.
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Not the best picture because it kind of looks a little distorted but should show the gist. This is the side "yard". Span from foundation meeting yard to public sidewalk is 10 feet. Already ruled put putting it on the walk before posting. Was trying to make clear what the layout was like but hopefully this does a better job. Stuff gets pretty wet here so I would need a method to get that out too.


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get a body harness and tie yourself off and clean them from the roof top...
Another vote for clean them from above. Get an old couch cushion to sit on and have someone down below on a ladder to help hand up tools or help keep the hose up there.

Personally I would just rent a portable sky jack that you can tow and place along the curb. Otherwise find a roofer who is having a slow week and takes cash for these jobs. They have the ladders and tools, and also can inspect the roof and gutter for any signs of problems, while they are up there. They can also install shields to keep the majority of the junk out of the gutters.
I'd put a ladder there in a heartbeat.Although I use them daily and more used to them.Drive a couple stout stakes in the ground with a 2X4 screwed acrossed them to brace the foot of the ladder.That's just me though.I'm 60 years old.You may be older or just not comfortable with doing it.If so hire someone.
That sidewalk will not hold your ladder at that angle anyhow.
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mak01, you know how Central IL works. We just grab a shovel, dig down enough to allow the legs to grab against the side walk at various points. When done, just put the patch of grass back.
On a little slope like that I'll flip the feet of the ladder out of the way and let the ladder frame gouge into the grass. It's not going anywhere. That and the stabilizer that Joecaption linked to and you're good to go.
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mak01, you know how Central IL works. We just grab a shovel, dig down enough to allow the legs to grab against the side walk at various points. When done, just put the patch of grass back.[/QUO

Yep.Just like a divit on the golf course.I'm not a golfer but my dad was.It will take off and dissapear for long.
Plenty of work is going to be available this coming week for roofers and other trades. It has been crazy across Central IL. Now that the wind has finally died, the roofers can get the Vinyl Billboards on the roofs, which as you know, hold up a lot better to our weather, then a stupid blue tarp.

Just to get the Chimney down below the roof line and the roof patched in that area for us, was $600. You cannot even tell where it was.

I am all for hiring someone with the right tools for a roof. Especially that we have an attic space that was made for standing up in, and even on a foam cushion, I hated going up there.

I am lucky that I no longer can, because of back issues. It is those like you who have the history of knowing what they are working on and the right tools, is why I look at some things as not a DIY.

My gutters on our Bungalow are easy to get to and clean. It is on one Valley on the front of our house, that always catches those stupid Maple Helicopters that if you do not get them removed, they allow the shingles to start rotting out and trees start growing.
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:vs_no_no_no:I think you took one to many meds for you're back.
Just joking folks.
I was supposed to go put sheeting on a garage today and stand trusses and the winds blowing around 40 mph with gusts to 50 .I decided to go back tomorrow.
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I liked how the wind suddenly died down. The sad thing is that med's do nothing for my back.

I had a picture in my head of some idiot trying to haul plywood or a tarp up onto a roof, and turning into a para-sail, when my wife was showing me the pictures for WAND. Did love the Grain crib that flew. Could tell that it was already compromised from the metal bolts that held it down, had nothing to hold down.

Look on the bright side. It is going to be nice and warm tomorrow, windy again, but you have scattered thunderstorms rolling in on Wed.
Alright so votes. Roof harness anchor, stake and or dig spots for ladder? I am leaning towards just renting a ladder once, trying it out to see how it goes. If ok, buy a ladder. Just found someone selling a 28ft werner at 70 cents on the dollar
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