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Getting ready to purchase metal for a barn. I realized that most suppliers are recommending or at least promoting the SMP finish. In all the info online, it seems PVDF is certainly the best for color retention and chalking but it would sure be nice to quantify that and determine if it is really worth paying for?

I am building a nice building, not a barn for tractors. I will be there until I die so maybe another 40yrs or so...:wink2:

I guess I could wager that there will be a ceramic paint come down that makes recoating the building ideal down the road, or I can bite it with Kynar.

I am in the midwest. I have no idea how my UV compared to other locations other than using geological data. I would probably stay away from super dark colors but I do want some color and would like to not turn white!

Anyone have some points or data to consider here?

Also, on a related matter, we can use either the 3/4" 5 rib style panel or the 1.25" 4 rib panel. I realize one is technically designed for steel const, and one is for pole barns but I could use either. I am trying to determine any pros/cons on each profile. From a structural aspect, they both will work for us. I think someone mentioned that you cannot walk between purlins with the low rib, but can with high rib. Good things to know when deciding. I am looking for thoughts on water seal, aesthetics, etc.
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