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Kraft faced batt insulation

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Probably question for guys in commercial business. How do you attach Kraft faced batt insulation to steel studs (20 gauge) ?

Am I required overlap the flanges and staple them to the edges of steel studs or is there different approach to attaching the insulation.

Thanks for your help. Charles
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Be sure to order full-width batts when installing insulation in steel studs. Batts for wood walls are typically 14 ½ or 22 ½ inches to allow for the space taken up by the stud. With steel framing the studs are hollow and require a full 16- or 24-inch batt, depending on the stud spacing.
· To install the batt insulation, simply tuck one side of the batt inside the open flange of the stud and press the other side into the wall cavity. Friction should hold the batts in place until the gypsumboard is installed

However, I would use full unfaced then put a poly vapor barrier up.
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