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Konecto or porcelain for laundry/mudroom

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Hello, we're building and have a fairly large laundry/mudroom. I'm trying to be as "green" as possible, concerned with VOC's, etc.
Konetco tiles(Safari color) qualify for LEED credits and also water resistant. Would you install this product vs porcelain tiles? I had considered Marmoleum, but it doesn't seem as water resistant or as durable as I'm looking for. Thanks for your input!
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Whenever you have the choice go for the real tile. Konecto is a very problematic floor anyway. After several years the adhesive system is still a pain to deal with. The slightest little problem with installation will cause you issues down the road and even if you do it perfectly you can still have problems with it. Earthwerks and Nafco have some price friendly vinyl tile that clicks together instead of using a glue strip now.
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