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If you have a Kohler San Raphael toilet knocking.This Rialto Pressure Lite toilet, creates a conundrum. When it's installed in a place that doesn't have the water pressure to shut the valve. This in terms keeps it building pressure, it exceeds the pressure rating. When you flush the plunger shoots up so hard it makes a loud bang. The solution is lower the pressure at the pressure regulator.

Below is a video showing the volume of water in this bathroom, enough volume that it's more than the drain can remove. But the pressure is still not enough to shut the valve for the manufacturer valve setting. So if you have knocking and the this toilet keeps running. You don't have the pressure.

I show you the water volume, my previous attempt to prevent the plunger slamming, the valve. I set my phone on top of the lid so you can hear it fill. And the time it takes, I flush it so you can see this is as good as I can get it. A lot of time, a lot of flushing, a lot of adjusting and troubleshooting. This is the best it'll do, but I'm happy with it.

I'll upload the video later, I need to resize it and don't know the limit.
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