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I thought I would bring this over to plumbing from the kitchen and bath thread.

I would like to replace a wall mounted shower head with a raincan and a handheld shower. I do not want to tear out the tiles and wall. I have a delta valve, so I am stuck with that.

I discovered Kohler hydrorail. Delta does not make an equivalent product.

But unless I use chrome I cannot match the Kohler hydrorail with delta shower head, raincan, handheld, and tub spout. The closest match is Kohler nickel and Delta stainless steel.

Anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this? Perhaps:

1. You know of another company that makes something like the hydrorail whose colors will match Delta?

2. Maybe you know of some other company that makes everything: Hydrorail, raincan, handheld, etc., that would fit on the Delta valve?

Your help would be much appreciated - this has been frustrating!! Thanks.
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