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Knocking/vibrating pipe

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I have one bathroom sink that makes a loud knocking/vibrating noise when the hot water is turned on full blast - sometimes it starts immediately, sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds to start. It sounds like the pipe inside the wall is vibrating. It doesn't happen with any other fixture in my home, it doesn't happen with the cold water in this particular sink, it doesn't even happen if I turn on the hot water less than full blast. My home is only 13 years old, by the way. Can anybody suggest a possible diagnosis based on this info? Is this something that a handy beginner could possibly fix (I'm assuming not)? If I call a plumber, any ballpark ideas of how much is this repair going to set me back? Is this something that is going to do harm if I ignore it? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Could be a lot of things. Could just be something simple as already mentioned which can be controlled by adding a water hammer arrester or a pipe got loosen from the expanding and contracting of the hot water. Start there first.
From your description, you're only having issues with that one hot water pipe and only when hot water faucet is opened all the way.

Another thought, could just be some debris is caught in cartridge/stem causing the issue. Remove, clean, and reinstalled stem. See if that helps.

When was the last time water heater was cleaned, serviced, flushed, expansion tank checked if applicable?
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