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Knocked a hole in the PVC going to septic tank

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So I was digging and while I thought I was not too close to the main run outside to the septic tank, I was. Knocked a hole in the sch 40 pipe. I guess I need to cut a section out and replace? It's right near some major roots and won't be easy.

Any tips to make it easier? I know there will be a bunch of digging in the hard clay to have enough room to work with. Oh well...

Thanks in advance for any help from you guys who have done it.


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Well...don't really need one there, it's about a foot or so from the septic tank, and there's a cleanout 10 feet away inside.

I saw a how to on another site, looks pretty easy after the digging, they used a flexible coupling on one part of the peice to replace.
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