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Knob and tube removal.

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Hello. I am removing a kitchen wall. But here's an outlet in the wall. I have however no experience with knob and tube style wiring.

As far as I can tell, the breaker runs only to two outlets. But I can't trace the wires all the way back to the breaker box.

Is there a problem with just pulling the breaker that feeds these outlets so I can cut the wiring to the outlets? Then I can rewire with romex from the basement?

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Something does not sound right.
A breaker with knob and tube wiring, do you mean a fuse instead?
Is there another fuse box someplace still powering that old line?
100% sure that walls not a supporting wall?
It is a breaker panel. And knob and fuse.
I flip the breaker and the outlets go dead.

It's is a bearing wall but I will be putting in temp wall and header.

If there is a breaker then get rid of the old knob and tube and replace with Romex as you suggested.
Just seems odd that someone connected old K&T to a breaker since in most places it's against code to do so.
Dont just pull the breaker !
Remove the wires from the
load side of the breaker.
Cap them and label them.
It is not unusual to remove a fuse box and re-energize the various branch circuits, which may include knob and tube wiring, by running modern wiring to the new breaker panel.

At a later date, at the homeowner's leisure, the K&T wiring itself would be removed and modern wiring run in its place.

The downstream ends of K&T, like any other loose ends, need to be kept inside accessible junction boxes or outlet boxes until you identify all other wire ends that are part of that subcircuit as being disconnected. Knob and tube wiring can be tricky to verify full disconnection because you can have a multiwire branch circuit with the neutral running through the middle of the house and the two hots running along the front wall and rear wall, respectively.

Otherwise, once a K&T circuit is disconnected from the panel, all the visible downstream ends that went dead as a result can be snipped off such as as they enter outlet boxes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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