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Worked fine til I shut it off due to a city wide boil order. Turned back on and tripped GFI. Repair guy replaced recirculating pump. Still tripped. GFI replaced still tripped. Now repair guy says I need to change the 20A breaker because it must have messed up the entire electrical circuit. Is that even possible? Any ideas on what the issue could be?

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Breakers do NOT mess up wiring !
The repair guy is speaking non- sense.
I would suggest you get a proper
Experienced and knowledgable electrician
To look at it instead !
It could be -
1 - wrong type/ size breaker.
2 - problems with building wiring
causing problems with the gfci.
3 - Electrical leakage in the appliance.
Most of these problems are best tackled
by an electrician.
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