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kitchenaid fridge will not select crushed ice

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Just replaced circuit board for no display. You can hear beeping but nothing else. Once I replaced it, all displays work but it will not chang over to crushed ice. Stuck on cube. The board on there was a 2304140 but was replaced by 2321746 which is an better board but I have no way of selecting crushed. Anyone know of a fix? Kitchenaid website does not address this problem.
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I am assuming you have an ice bucket since there was not a model # posted. Check the rod on the bottom of the ice bucket and make sure its not obstructed in any way or is not into the saddle. If the rod is not into the saddle and select crushed it will only give you cubes or if the soleinod is bad it wont pull on the arm of the ice bucket.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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