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Kitchen Wall Cabinet Help

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I'm hanging kitchen wall cabinets. I've read the Schrock guide ('s%20Intall%20Care%20and%20Cleaning%20Guide%206209.pdf). With this as a basis, I have a few additional questions:

o Going down just 1 3/4" places the screw on the inside just below top of the cavity. This makes it extremely awkward to use my drill screwdriver. Can I place it further down, say an additional 2"-4"?

o How does one handle a firred wall, given that the firring strip is only 3/4" deep? Do you add more screws?

o While it makes sense to join two adjacent cabinets through the wood face, I'm not sanguine about my ability to drill a hole 2.5" deep and have it go straight. Are there any other approaches that I could use?

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Those clamps even come with a drill bit.
There is a harden drill guide bushing and the whole thing slides out of the way so the screw can be installed without removing the clamp.
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