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Kitchen Stereo/IPOD

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not sure where to post this- Looking for a good sounding kithen stereo- Looks like most of the under the cabinet ones have speakers built in- Do they make any where you can run better speakers farther apart? Almost like a surround sound? My thought was I could put some speakers up on top of the cabinets in the back perhaps...... just a thought- just looking for something more than the standard that Walmart sells.
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If not planning on cranking it up to rock concert levels, just get either a Sonos or iHome. If wanting speakers, place them in the ceiling, but use a 70v system. That means you will need a amp and a dock placed somewhere, where you can attach the iDevice at.
I have 2 iHomes.

They both will play the music from my iPods and iPhones.

Both will charge my iPod.

Only one will charge my iPhone 4S.

Neither would fit if I bought an iPhone 5.

See where I'm getting at? ( I'm speaking in riddles, I know)

Here's where I'm getting at: Buy one with bluetooth!

Honestly, the iHomes are great and they sound great, but with Apple changing their products constantly they will lose functionality way before they should. I was just at my brother in laws the other day, he has one of those little sound bar looking things that just picks up your music over bluetooth. In the kitchen you won't be blasting anything at concert levels anyway so quality loss should not be noticeable and you won't be at the mercy of "planned obsolescence" of the apple plugs and adapters.
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