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Kitchen Sink Removal

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I would like to replace my undermount cast iron sink with a drop in stainless steel sink. I've looked under the sink and there are no clips, it should be hanging over the cabinet edge and sandwiched with the granite on top. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to remove the sink as I would have to remove the whole countertop slab and then lift it out.

Cast iron bathtubs can be destroyed, my question is, could I do the same safely to my sink? I think I can just destroy the whole sink and drop in my new sink afterwards. If I were to destroy it, would the blunt force possibly damage the countertop as well? That is what I am most afraid of.

Any ideas or suggestions to tackle this sink? Thanks.

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Cast iron sinks are often held in place by sheer weight and a bead of caulk. Run a putty knife between the sink and the granite to cut the caulk. The sink should lift out.
If that picture is your current sink, it is not an undermount sink, it is a top mount sink. The rolled edge sits on the countertop and is likely csulked in. As the previous oost stated run a putty knife between the rolled edge and the countertop and you should be able to lift it out but it will be heavy. If the caulk is dry and hard try heating it with a blow dryer or heat gun to soften it. Also that countertop looks more like Corian than granite. If so, use the blow dryer rather than the heat gun since I believe Corian will melt.

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Better make sure a new SS sink will fit, before you destroy this one.
The opening is usually cut to match a specific sink. Looks like your sink is
dropped into a recess, which will make cutting the caulk under the flange difficult or
It won't be easy. You might try a diamond blade on a worm drive saw. Have a helper spray water to keep the blade wet, and literally cut out most of the sink. I would block it up with 2x4's also so pieces don't crash into the base cabinet or fall and push up into the top. If the sink lip is sandwiched between the bottom of the counter and the top of the cabinets, a grinder with a diamond blade might be in order to get out strips of sink and caulk. A multi tool also has a thin blade and can get into that space. Good luck!
Post a picture from the underside of the sink,please.

Often the cast iron sink is resting on some wood framing that was installed before the sink and counter top were installed.

If that is the case--that framing will need to be cut out----with the sink supported so it does not drop when the framing is cut out.
I have removed a small portion of the caulking, a portion of the lip is still underneath the granite. Measurement of the sink is 31x20". Even if I remove all the caulking, I do not think I can just lift it out.

Also attached underneath of the sink, there are support framing around the edges.

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You will need to remove that from inside the cabinet.

first, lay a 2x4 across the counter above the sink---then loop a rope through the drain holes and tie the sink to the 2x4---

You may need to remove some of the plumbing inside the cabinet so the sink will not crush the pipes as you lower it--

You have bitten off a tough,two man job there---Mike--
The new pictures make me change my mind on this. From the new pictures it sppears that this is a top mount sink that was mounted as an undermount sink.

If the added wooden supports under the sink were removed would the sink be supported by anything else? It appears to me that the wood is what is holding the sink in place and the caulk is simply sealing the edge so water cant get through. If that is the case, i would build something to "catch" the sink after you remove the existing wooden supports. Perhaps a 2x4 across the opening from the top with rope or wire going through the drain holes and tied to the 2x4 so that when you remove the existing wooden supports the sink will not crash down inside the cabinet.

Hope that helps!

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