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kitchen sink handle removal ???

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Happy New Year to all,

The handle to our Kohler kitchen sink is real loose. The Faucet is mode # is 690-BN-AC, made in Jan 2005.

Went to the Kohler website and found out that to remove/tighten the handle requires a 1/8" Allen Wrench. I cannot even remotely budge the hex head in the handle; if fact I thought it was going to bend and break. I sprayed some WD-40 up into the handle, but I cannot get the oil to soak into a handle that is basically right-side up; the best I can do is 45 degrees [see pic].

Sprayed some WD-40 into a paper towel, then pushed it up into the handle hoping it could wick up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for helping me loosen the hex head so I can see if it will tighten? The house was built in 2005 so I am fairly sure the he nut has never been loosened; we've owned since 2008.

Thank you very much,


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Love my WD, but not the best choice here. Try liquid wrench or rust buster in a spray can. Try to shoot it up and let it soak awhile.
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