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Kitchen sink cabinet protector

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I want to get a protector my kitchen sink cabinet. I need one of those pans that prevent leaks from ruining the floor of the cabinet.

So far I've found something called the Driptite Kitchen Slide N’ Fit. It’s the 9th one on this link:

The problem is that I have read reviews that warn that customers have ordered from this company but got nothing shipped and did not get refunded!

Also, my sink cabinet is small. The inside dimensions are 22 1/2 ” wide by 22 3/4” deep. The Driptite pan can be cut down without losing its lip because it’s trimmed from the middle (it comes as 2 pieces).

WeatherTech makes an under sink pan. But if I cut it down to the size I need I’ll lose part of its lip:

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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AMAZON PRIME has lots of them.
Just plug in under sink cabinet protectors...

I found one that may be good, you can cut it to size.
free shipping and free return shipping if you don’t like it.

We used peel and stick floor tiles - very cheep, cheep :smile:


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Two Knots,

Thank you very much! Your suggestion is what I'm going to get. In fact, I'll get one for the sink cabinet, another for my kitchen island cabinet and a third for my bathroom sink cabinet.

You make it look so easy. I was pulling my hair apart, before I got your post.

Again, thank you very much!
Oh, you’re very welcome...This liner got good reviews, and it comes
in four or five different colors. I love amazon prime, the free shipping is great,
las well as free return shipping - if you don’t like it.
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