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Kitchen Renovation... Few Suggestions?

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I have been in process of doing a kitchen renovation, I have painted the existing cabinets. Updated them with handles and hinges. Granite tile countertop next. I am in the process of finding a spot for my fridge, I had a family friend come by to look at the progress so far and they suggested sinking it back into the wall and frame in cabinet into backroom and have the fridge flush with the wall. I have pictures to go with and just a few ideas would be great to go about doing this? Im familiar with structure framing but Im stuck on this.

I want to find a way to frame up support over stairway to sink fridge into wall. I havea few people I know that are engineers and I will be taking the idea to them when I have one but got no clue how I wanna do this yet..

Thanks for help guys!


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You should be able to extent the floor out about 2 feet or so. You will have to check and make sure this still allows adequate headroom at the stairs below. Minimum required headroom is 80". After you have the floor, you just need to enclose it with walls, and then build a header into the existing wall where the shelf is. There may already be a header there that is suitable.
That supply register and trunk may be a problem....whoops, looks like its in the joist area, never-mind.

if I tie into wall stud in the stairway and make something up from edge stairway.. would that create adequete structure for fridge weight?
I not sure you are going to have head clearence for that. Is it an option to only partially recess the refrigerator?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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