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Kitchen Peninsula

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I am building a peninsula in my kitchen that will be approximately 5-6ft long and roughly 30 inches deep connecting into a post that makes up the corner of the kitchen/dining room/living room.

NEC 210.52 A receptacle outlet shall be installed at each counter space 12 
inch or wider, and at each island counter or peninsular space 24 inch by 12 
inch or greater. Receptacles shall be located not more than 20 inch above the 
countertop, or where mounted below a countertop less than 6 inches beyond 
the support base, not more than 12 inch below the countertop.
NEC 210.52 At kitchen countertops, receptacle outlets shall be installed so 
that no point along the wall line is more than 24 inch measured horizontally 
from a receptacle outlet in that space. Countertop spaces separated by range 
tops, sinks or refrigerators are separate spaces.
Am I required to have outlets every 2ft on the peninsula or is one at the post ok? Am I going to need to install one on the end of the peninsula (I assume that I will be required to) and what is usually the best way to wire an outlet in a cabinet/counter-top peninsula? Just sleeve romex through flex conduit or sealtite?

I have a standard single gang plastic box mounted in the post for the outlet above the counter space, am I going to have to put in a metal box to transition to the BX to run through the peninsula? I can take some pictures if necessary to understand what I am talking about....
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Run the wire through the back of the cabinets and install an outlet in the end cabinet below the counter top as long as the overhang is not excessive.
One outlet is required, but for an island that large, I would consider an outlet on each end, as Bob suggested. These must be part of the countertop circuits, or a separate 20A circuit.
Awesome, so I don't need one every 2 feet on the peninsula. What's the best/preferred way to run the power through the cabinet to the outlet on the end?
Use 12/2 AC cable along the back top edge.
Won't I need a metal box on either end to properly terminate that?
I would run NM along the back top edge. In that position, it is pretty well protected from physical damage.
Am I required to have outlets every 2ft on the peninsula or is one at the post ok?
This is where you have to start reading between the lines of the code book(the canadian one is the same way) It says any point on the counter has to be within 24" of a plug. Imagine a point with a plug 24" to the left and 24" to right you are meeting the code. This puts your plugs 48" apart and not 24".

I am in agreement with everyone else, put a plug on each end of the counter.
Won't I need a metal box on either end to properly terminate that?
Yes, but you asked the best way. AC is flexible and offers more protection from a loose fork or knife in one of the drawers. But you can use Rmx since you have plastic boxes now.
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