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Hi all! I am replacing the drain assembly under the kitchen sink. I mocked up an ABS assembly and I have a question about the p-trap. I figured it would be best to use a p-trap with a union... I also bought one with a clean-out plug, but the union seems like a better option - should anything fall into the drain, a clog, etc. I also figure that a union would allow easier incorporation of a garbage disposal... should I ever decide to install one. The old ABS assembly had a p-trap w/ union.

Haven't glued it up yet. Does everything look okay? Am I correct in my logic in wanting to use the p-trap with the union?

Thank you!


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I would go with your mock up. It is a personal preference but I prefer having the union.

I like the way the hot and cold are plumbed in a$$backwards.

If that is a kitchen sink, I predict your wife will hate it. I know because I just finished cutting my granite it install a larger sink.
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