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Kitchen installers removed some drywall

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I want to know if I have a problem here or not. The situation is that our kitchen installers came and installed the kitchen this weekend. It turns out that one of the cases was 1/4" out of square. This is a corner cabinet, so you don't visually see it. But it meant they removed a portion of the drywall behind the cabinet to make it fit properly with everything else.

So, behind the cabinet now, there is about 3 feet x counter height section where we only have the vapor barrier (which was taped well with tuck tape, so there is no airflow across the barrier).

Is this a long term problem? will I run into moisture problems or anything like that? Should I ask them to replace the case?
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You'll be absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with what they did. That is an old cabinet installation trick, to get pre-made units to fit, under certain circumstances.

There are many, many houses with built-in shelves and cabinetry just like that.

It's all set.

No worries.
As long as there isn't air flow you should be fine
My last house had poor insulation behind the cabinets
So I took the shhetrock down, insulated & sealed
One corner I had to do the same thing - old house
without the drywall there is - ever so slightly - more risk that if the cabinet shifts during an earthquake it will put a tear in the exposed vapour barier so that after 100 years you might get some minor mold on the insulation (exterior side only).

otherwise, you're totally fine.

ps. if it wasn't obvious, my post was an exaggeration; you're totally fine.

Ok thanks for the feedback.

Knucklez: they say they might cure aging in our lifetime, so that 100 years for mold issue might come back to haunt me! :laughing:

Do you guys think blowing some spray insulation up behind there would be overkill?
i guess my post was really only half joking. what i described actually happened to my house. this is what my pink insulation looked like when i pulled it away from the cavity during renovation last year.

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And that is because there was a tear in your vapor barrier?
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