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Kitchen half wall for granite counter top

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I am getting ready to make a half wall for a island that comes right off an interior wall.

I want to have this as a two tier island with seating on the other end between two 18" deep cabinets to support the granite counter top on the top tier.

I need two outlets that lay horizontal on the lower end in the half wall.

What is the standard height to raise up the 2nd tier in relation to the first tier? I was thinking it is 6" higher, but wasn't sure.

Is there any clearance issues that you need to account for to fit outlets between the two tiers?

When framing for this do you need a double top plate to support the granite weight?

Attached is a simple design for what I am trying to do


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sounds to me that you have it pretty well planned out.
yeah. but you should still bolt the cabinets to the floor.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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