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kitchen fluorescent

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I want to replace the fluorescent lights in my kitchen with a regular light. For example something similar to track lighting - can I do that fairly easily?
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if I hired for everything I can do myself with a little information, I'd be broke and homeless by now... I've replaced light fixtures before, I simply want to make sure it's basically the same process.

When the main panel fried, I hired a professional. Then I hired a professional in sheetrock repair when they slipped and stuck a foot through the ceiling...

From your call sign/name I suspect you are an electrician. I appreciate that and use the pros when it's necessary.
Now that sounds doable.. and yes I can do this - I was asking if it was technically possible without rewiring the whole shebang, but it sounds like I can use the existing wiring by checking a few things and being careful... Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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