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kitchen fluorescent

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I want to replace the fluorescent lights in my kitchen with a regular light. For example something similar to track lighting - can I do that fairly easily?
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Wear protective goggles or safety glasses.

Don't disconnect any wires in the junction box except the three that go to the existing fixture.

You might have to patch ceiling drywall from mounting holes left from the flourescent fixture.

A helper might come in handy. Posting photos are also good.

I'd get 120v track lights rather than the 12v 'former type.

Watch out for a 90C wire requirement if your place was built before 1985. Sometimes they don't show this restriction on the new fixture box.

I'd use a cheater cord and test the new fixture with a known good outlet before mounting it.

A DMM comes in handy in the unlikely event that you encounter problems.

Driving cars is about 30x more hazardous than electricity, on a yearly basis.
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I think you are the only one who can answer this. :wink:
That's kinda' why I listed some of the tasks involved.:thumbsup:
Forgot: the ceiling box can still be powered with the wall switch off so you should turn off the power at the circuit breaker.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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