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Kitchen Flooring Question

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Hello, in the new year we are going to tear out our kitchen cabinets so we can re-model our kitchen. At the same time we are going to be replacing all of the mismatched flooring on this level of the house with 12mm laminate flooring for a more uniformed appearance.

Do we install all of the flooring first and mount the cabinets on top of the flooring or do we install the cabinets first and then lay the flooring? Advantages/disadvantages of either way?:confused1:

We can think of possible benefits for doing it either way but since this is our first kitchen re-model we thought we better ask the experts and do it right the first time :no:

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give us.
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I had my cabinet guy install my cabinets on plywood shims the thickness of the finished floor. This way I didn't waste tile that can't be seen, and if a tile ever has to be replaced it won't be stuck under a cabinet. You don't want to have to rip out a cabinet if a piece of laminate gets damaged.
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