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Kitchen floor tiles.

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Hi Folks,

So I've embarked on a home renovation project from top to bottom. Bought a condo that was rented out to students by the previous owner and the students had run the place down pretty good.

So far in my project that has been going on for quite some time I have:

  • removed all carpet throughout the condo upstairs and downstairs
  • upstairs I have laid new laminate throughout
  • installed baseboards throughout upstairs
  • replaced all interior doors/hardware
  • painted all rooms/ceilings upstairs
  • knocked down the wall in the kitchen separating the kitchen/dining area
  • tore out the old kitchen cabinets that were rotten and mouldy from a leak running down from the bathroom upstairs
  • fixed the bathroom leak
  • rebuilt the kitchen walls/bulkheads (aside from kitchen/dining area wall as i'm keeping it open concept)
  • dropped the kitchen celining down enough for some LED potlights
  • mounted IKEA kitchen cabinet rails and hung the upper cabinets
Now I have started to install the laminate on the main level which is the living/dining room/kitchen area. I've gone as far as i can go now before i need to figure out where i should end my laminate and start the kitchen tiles.

My question is: Should i lay my kitchen floor tiles to match the kitchen ceiling that i dropped down? would this give it symetry or does this matter? i'm thinking i should have the tiles for the kitchen directly under the kitchen ceiling as if there's an imaginary wall coming down from the edge of the drop down ceiling to the floor where the tiles should be.

If this is makes sense, i would love to hear your opinions on the matter and if you need pictures i could take some and post them on here if necessary.

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Pics are always a good idea.

You mention open concept. Is there going to be an island or peninsula with seating? If so, consider traffic flow and/or where the bar stools will sit.
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