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Kitchen Faucet

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Hello all,

I'm looking for some guidance on installing a kitchen faucet. Below is what I have.

Can I install quick connects on the bare lines or do I have to solder fittings on?

Any type of advice is appreciated!



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Whoever uninstalled that faucet by cutting off the connectors on the water lines didn’t do you any favors. I hope that you paid very little for it. What is the actual outside diameter of the water lines? Someone else might have an idea what could be used to connect them now.

If you can find a solder to threaded fitting, I'd go that way.
It was a display unit oh, so I got it for nothing. Could I just use a compression fit hose to the shut-off valve?
Take it with you to the store and try fittings. I doubt you will find any that will fit that copper. 3/8" maybe. Compression would be fine.
Chances are that what you have remaining are 3/8 soft copper tubing. You will have a difficult time installing the control valve if you reconnect the tubing with compression fittings.

You will need a swedging tool and 3/8 soft copper tubing to extend the tubing. Solder that connection and then solder on threaded adapters.
Flaring the soft copper may be a better option, as Harold says, but you still need to buy the right sized fittings.
If it's 3/8", buy a pair of 3/8" OD Comp. unions. Attach one end to the faucet tubes. Set aside the nuts and ferrule for the other ends.
Install the faucet as normal and connect between your angle stops using 3/8x3/8 flex supplies rather than 3/8x1/2 supplies.

However, your sprayer supply line at the faucet appears to require a special Delta male quick connector and the female end appears damaged. It may be best to cap it and not use the spray. But you can't leave the spray line open or it will flow water when you turn in the faucet
Personally I would trash it.

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This is the kind of situation where I start first by looking for installation videos on the manufacturer's website and if not finding what I need there I will then go to search on youtube. Millions of very helpful videos that cover step by step how to do almost anything.
Someone removed the hot and cold lines out of the faucet. That thing is good for a paper weight and that is it. You will never be able to fix that unless you get a new faucet body.
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