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I have a double bay, deep stainless steel sink that needs a new faucet.

Their is a plumbing house here that sells to the public. I already went to the bigboxes and was very unhappy with the quality of faucets at any price. I opened up about a dozen different faucets, even some were as much as 300 dollars and they really were of poor quality.

So the way my plumber(brother) was explaining things he claims that big box stores are basically selling counterfeit supplies and I should avoid buying anything at a bigbox. Now my plumber likes to create a certain amount of drama but he has been doing plumbing since Roman times so he may actually know a little more than me.

Is what he saying true. Second question, how much should I budget for a new faucet. I want something all metal and high quality, will last a lifetime in looks and performance. Style, brand and type I am flexible. Do you think 300 dollars will get me something decent?
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